Bags, like scarves and shawls, can be very freeing to knit. Unless you're knitting something like an eyeglass case or mobile phone holder, achieving the exact gauge or fit is not crucial. And there are so many types of bags, each with a unique function, yet wide-ranging in style: practical totes to hold work or knitting projects, dressy evening bags to carry lipstick and keys, tiny bags for mobile phones or MP3 players, fashionable handbags, and the list goes on.

Bag Designs 48

Rectangular Bag: Master Pattern 50

Round Bag: Master Pattern 55

Create Handles 60

Line a Knitted Bag 64

Felting 66

Tutorial: Felted Bag 68

Bags present infinite design possibilities. You can knit them up in all kinds of yarns, in all shapes and sizes. Let your bag's function determine what style to make and what fiber to use.

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