How to Knit on Double Pointed Needles

1 Make sure the needles are facing you, with the needle with the working yarn attached to it on the right. Place a stitch marker after the last CO stitch to mark the end of the round. Hold the needle with the first CO stitch on it in your left hand.

2 Using your fourth needle, join the round by knitting the first CO stitch from the left needle, giving the yarn a firm tug (on this first stitch only) so that the join is snug.

Knitting the first stitch joins the round.

3 Knit all the way around until you reach the stitch marker. To begin the second round, slip the marker from the left needle to the right needle and knit the first stitch as in step 2.

I am making a striped hat in the round. Every time I change colors, I get a little stair-step of color at the beginning of the round, so the striping is not seamless. Is there anything I can do about this?

Yes. Here's what you do to significantly reduce the stair-step effect:

1 When you're about to begin the round in the new color, knit the first stitch of the new round using both colors.

2 Knit the rest of the round in the new color.

At the beginning of the next round—this is the 2nd round in the new color—knit together as one the two colors that make up the first stitch.

Reduced stair stepping

Stair stepping

Reduced stair stepping

Stair stepping

4 Repeat steps 1-3 at each color change.

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