How To Make A Pompom

1 Cut two pieces of cardboard into circles the size you want your pompom to be. Cut a pie piece out of each circle and then cut a circle out of the center of each of the circles. The two pieces should be identical.

2 Match up the two cardboard pieces, one on top of the other, and wrap the yarn around them tightly and densely. Cut the yarn end.

Note: Use less yarn for a loose pompom and more yarn for a dense pompom.

3 Insert the scissors between the two circles and under the yarn, as shown. Cut the yarn all the way around the outside of the cardboard pieces.

4 Bring a strand of yarn that is at least 12 inches long between the two cardboard circles and around the center of the cut yarns. Tie it very tightly in a square knot.

5 Remove the cardboard circles and trim the edges of the pompom to make it nice and round.

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    How to make a dense pom pom?
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