How To Make A Tassel

1 Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle the length you want your tassel to be.

2 Wrap the yarn around the cardboard to the desired thickness.

3 Thread a tapestry needle with a 12-inch strand of the same yarn and insert the needle between the cardboard and the wrapped yarn. Tie the strand's ends in a knot at the top edge of the cardboard.

4 Cut the tassel free along the bottom edge of the cardboard.

5 Wrap a 10-inch strand of yarn around the tassel a few times, about 12 inch down from the tied end and tie the ends tightly in a knot. Conceal the strand's ends by threading them through a tapestry needle, pulling the needle through the tassel top, and trimming.

6 Trim the tassel ends to neaten them.

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