How To Pick Up Stitches Along A Curved Edge

You sometimes need to pick up stitches along a curved edge, such as with neck shaping.

1 Starting at the top-right corner, with the RS facing, insert the needle into the center of the V of the first stitch, just below the bound-off edge of the shaping.

2 Wrap the working yarn around the needle, as you would to knit, holding a 6-inch tail, as shown.

3 Pick up all the stitches on the horizontal section of the shaping until you get to the vertical section.

4 Continue picking up stitches, skipping a row every few stitches, if necessary. Be sure not to insert the needle into any large holes caused by the shaping, as doing so will result in a hole in your picked-up edge.

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    How to pick up and knit stitches along a curved edge?
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    How to pick up and knit around curved neck?
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