How To Pick Up Stitches Evenly

Sometimes it's difficult to pick up stitches evenly over a long stretch of knitting, such as around the fronts and neck of a cardigan. If you don't pick up stitches evenly, your final result will look decidedly off: It will cinch in or look stretched.

1 Place pins, spaced evenly apart, along the edge where the stitches are to be picked up.

Note: If you prefer, you can tie bits of yarn as markers at even intervals instead of using pins at the edge.

2 Calculate how many stitches should be picked up between markers by dividing the total number of stitches to be picked up by the number of spaces between pins.

3 Pick up the appropriate number of stitches between each pair of markers.

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    How to pick up stitches evenly?
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    How calculate to evenly place pick up stitches?
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