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You can knit scarves the long way, casting on a lot of stitches and working back and forth in rows on a long circular needle. This method is good for simple stitch patterns that are easy to keep track of while knitting or for stripes that run the length of the scarf. It is not recommended for lacy yarn-over patterns or complex stitch patterns: If you make a mistake, it can be difficult to count back to the problem over so many stitches per row. To work a scarf this way, you first determine the length of the scarf. You check your gauge in the desired stitch pattern and then multiply the scarf length by the number of stitches per inch you achieved in the gauge swatch. You cast on that many stitches and work until the scarf is the desired width.


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The three scarves pictured in this chapter are worked in different stitch patterns, with instructions included for each in three gauges. If your gauge doesn't match exactly to one of the choices here, don't worry. Simply cast on the number of stitches specified for the nearest gauge and knit in the stitch pattern of your choice to the desired length. Your scarf will be slightly narrower or wider than the dimensions given.

You might want to use larger needles than your yarn label specifies to ensure that your scarf is not too stiff and dense to hang comfortably.

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