Loop Stitch Hand Warmer Even No of

This hand warmer has a cuff made up of a fun fabric of thick loops. Loop stitch may take a little practice to master, but once you get going, it feels natural. It uses the following stitch:

loop 1: Knit into next st but don't drop it off the needle. Bring the yarn to the front, between the needles, and loop it over your thumb, then bring it between the needles to the back. Knit into the st again, this time bringing it up and off the left needle. You will have 2 sts on the right needle. Pass the 1st st over the 2nd and off. This secures the loop.

5 Rep rnds 2-4 once more.

6 Knit every rnd until hand warmer measures 4 (5, 6, 7, 8) inches from beg.

7 Go to "Make Thumbhole: All Styles," page 121, and work thumbhole as specified.

8 Knit every rnd for approx 1 inch more.

9 BO purlwise.

0 Go to "Finish: All Styles," page 121.

0 0

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