Making a Gauge Swatch

To make a gauge swatch, you need to use the yarn and needle size, and in some cases the stitch pattern, that the pattern calls for. It's not a bad idea to have handy three pairs of needles: the size called for, the next size smaller, and the next size larger. (If you don't use them for this project, you will need them someday for another project.)

1 Cast on the same number of stitches that the pattern says is equal to 4 inches.

2 Work in stockinette stitch (knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side) until the swatch is 4 inches long (measuring from the cast-on edge to the bottom of the needle).

3 Bind off your stitches somewhat loosely, cut the working yarn (leaving about a 6-inch tail), and pull the tail through the last stitch.

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