Mittens Gloves and Hand Warmers

Mittens are easier to make than they appear—they're basically a tube for the hand with a smaller tube coming off for the thumb. Fit is not as crucial with mittens as with gloves, so they make excellent gifts for people of all ages.

As for gloves, don't be scared off by the fingers: Knitting them does add a little more time to your project, but the result is so elegant that it's worth it.

The hand warmers you'll find in this chapter are basically fingerless and thumbless gloves—great for those days when you just need a little warmth and still want the use of your uncovered fingers.

Mitten and Glove Styles 94

Mittens and Gloves: Master Pattern 96

Hand Warmers: Master Pattern 115

Mittens and gloves come in all shapes and sizes and can be knit in all kinds of yarn. You can add a personal touch by choosing from one of the many cuff styles presented at the beginning of this chapter. Hand coverings ideally should be warm and soft, but aside from that, they can be colorful, playful, or completely practical.

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