Reversible Rice Stitch Shawl

This easy shawl looks great on both sides, so it is completely reversible. The rice stitch pattern tends to create a firm fabric, so for a soft drape, try using a needle two or more sizes larger than your yarn specifies.

2 Knit 4 rows.

Note: For this pattern, you might want to use a row counter to keep track of the rows.

7 Row 7: K2, yo, ki tbl, *pi, ki tbl; rep from * to last 2 sts, yo, k2-i 1 sts.

8 Row 9: K2, yo, pi, *ki tbl, pi; rep from * to last 2 sts, yo, k2-i3 sts.

9 Rep rows 6-9, working patt and yo increases as established, until shawl reaches desired measurements, ending with a RS row.

Note: Keep checking measurements as you go; the dimensions given are approximate, and the final length and width may vary from knitter to knitter.

0 Knit 4 rows.

  • BO all sts knitwise.
  • Go to "Finish Shawl: All Triangular Shawls," below.

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