Rounded Top Final Shaping

O Continue to dec every rnd the same number of sts per rnd evenly, as established, until you have rem the number of sts specified for your gauge in Table 6.

2 K2tog to end of rnd.

3 For hats that are 2, 3, or 4 sts per inch: If you are finishing the top with a knitted cord stem, loop, or knot, transfer rem sts to smaller dpn and knit cord to desired length per instructions on page 271; otherwise, skip ahead to step 4.

For hats that are 5, 6, or 7 sts per inch: K2tog to end of rnd before beginning knitted cord or continuing to step 4.

4 Cut yarn, leaving a 10-inch tail. Pull through rem sts and secure.

5 Go to the finishing instructions for your style, under "Finish the Hat," page 40.

1 Table 6. Number of Stitches Remaining After Decreasing Every Round, as Established 1


No. of Sts Rem


No. of Sts Rem

2 sts/in.

12 sts

5 sts/in.

20 sts

3 sts/in.

12 sts

6 sts/in.

24 sts

4 sts/in.

16 sts

7 sts/in.

28 sts

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