Taking Body Measurements

To ensure a good fit when designing a sweater—or knitting from a pattern, for that matter—you need to take detailed body measurements. Here's how:

1 Measure the bust or chest by placing the tape measure around the fullest part of the chest, at the underarm.

2 For the waist, measure around the smallest part of the torso.

3 For the hip, measure around the fullest part of the lower torso.

4 Measure for sleeve length by placing the tape measure at the edge of the shoulder and extending down (with arm held straight at side) to the wrist.

5 Measure from the underarm to the wrist to obtain a measurement for where to begin the sleeve cap shaping.

6 If you're designing a short-sleeved sweater, take the same measurements as in steps 4 and 5, only end at the point on the upper arm where you want the sleeve to fall.

7 Measure the circumference of the upper arm.

8 Measure the circumference of the wrist.

9 Measure the circumference of the neck (or the width of the back of the neck).

0 Measure the armhole depth from the top of the shoulder down the front to the base of the underarm.

! Also take some neck shaping measurements:

  1. For a rounded neck, begin at the neck where the shoulder meets it and measure straight down to where you want the bottom of the rounded part to be.
  2. Do the same for a v-neck.

© Don't forget to measure the length along the back to best suit your sweater style:

  1. For a cropped or shrug-like sweater, measure above the waist.
  2. For a short sweater, measure at the waist.
  3. For a hip-length sweater, measure at the hip.
  4. For a fingertip-length jacket or tunic, measure at the thigh where the fingertips fall.
  5. For a long coat, measure anywhere from the knee down.

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