Test A Swatch

Remember that felting is not a science.

The same yarn on the same needles will felt differently at different temperatures or for different amounts of time.

This swatch test should give you a very general idea of what to expect.

1 Using the yarn you have chosen (see pages 66-67 on felting before making your choice) and needles 1.5mm to 2mm larger than your yarn specifies, knit a 6-inch swatch.

2 Treat the swatch as directed in "Felt the Bag," pages 72-73.

3 If you are not pleased with your swatch at this point, experiment with additional swatches for more or less time in the water, or try drying the swatch in the dryer for 10 minutes to see what happens.

4 When you are pleased with the quality of the felting, let it dry and then measure the swatch again.

5 Calculate the percentage the swatch has shrunk. For example, if your 6-inch square swatch becomes a 4Vi-inch square swatch after felting, it has shrunk 25%. This should give you a sense of how big your bag will come out.

6 Proceed to "Knit the Bag Handles," page 70. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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