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Stitch pattern also affects yarn choice. If you're working an item in seed stitch, intricate cables, lace patterns, or detailed color work, you'll probably want to choose yarn that has crisp and clear stitch definition. All that detail will be lost in an overly fuzzy yarn. However, using a fuzzy yarn is a good opportunity to work in a basic stitch, like garter or stockinette, to let the yarn carry the show. Inelastic yarns-containing nylon or linen, for example—can be difficult to work in textured stitch patterns that use decreases to create bobbles and knots; choose a fiber that has a fair amount of stretch for that purpose. Stitch patterns can also get lost in space-dyed or multicolored yarns, so save such novelty yarns for simpler stitch patterns. Always test your stitch pattern on the yarn you plan to use before jumping into the project.

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