Buying Yarn For A Knitting Pattern

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Try to buy the yam specified in your knitting pattern; however, if you prefer to use a substitute, buy a yam that is the same weight and has the same tension (see Tension on page 20), and where possible the same fibre content. If you use a synthetic yam instead of a natural fibre, a even wool where cotton had been aiginally used, the stitch patterns may appear softer and less delineated. Synthetics can also appear limp, which means that the cnspness of the original garment will have been lost. It is essential to check metreage a yardage. Yam that weighs the same may have different lengths, and you may need to buy more a less yam.

Check the ball band on the yam. Most yam labels now carry all the information you need about fibre content, washing instructions, weight and metreage a yardage. Some of them will tell you the knitting needle sizes to use and the standard tension (a stitch size) these create.

It is essential to check the dye tot number on the yam label.Yams are dyed in batches a tots which can sometimes vary quite considerably. Your retailer may not have the same dye tot later on, so try and buy all your yam fa a project at the same time. If you know that sometimes you require extra yam to that quoted in a pattern, buy more. If it is not possible to buy the amount you need all in one dye tot, work the baders on the lower edges a the neckband in the odd one, since the colour change is less likely to show here.

types of yarn and care of garments

Care of garments

Taking care of your knitted garments is important. If you have invested all that time and labour into knitting them, you want them to look good for as long as possible. Follow these simple care guidelines for the best results.

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