Knitting Beads Into Stocking Stitch

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When you knit with beads, you need to thread the beads onto your yam befae you start knitting. If your yam is thin enough, you can thread it on a needle, then pass the needle through the centre of each bead. But if your yam is too thick to do this, use the technique fa threading given here.

Fold a length of fine but strong sewing thread around the end of your knitting yam, then thread both ends of the sewing thread through the needle. Pass the needle through the beads and push the beads over the needle and sewing thread and onto the looped yam as shown.

1 On a right-side (knit) row, knit to the position fa the bead. Then bring the yam to the front of the work between the two needles and slip the next stitch purtwise.

2 Push the bead up close to the front of the knitting. Then take the yam to the back of the work between the two needles, leaving the bead at the front. Knit the next stitch tightly to keep the bead in place.

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