Bind Off Purlwise

This method is just like the knit bind-off, except that you purl instead of knit. You use it to bind off purl stitches.

1 Purl until you have 2 stitches on the right needle; then insert the left needle into the front of the first stitch that you purled onto the right needle.

2 Pull the first stitch over the second purled stitch and off the right needle.

You have now bound off 1 stitch purlwise, and you have 1 stitch on the right needle.

3 Repeat steps 1-2 until you have bound off the desired number of stitches.

Bind Off Last Stitch

Binding Off the Last Stitch, and Some Tips for Doing It Neatly

When you have only 1 stitch remaining on the right needle, cut your working yarn, leaving a tail at least 6 inches long. Thread this tail through the last stitch and pull tight. If this leaves you with a big loop sticking off the edge, one solution is to slip the first stitch purlwise when you work the row before the bind-off row. Another solution is to knit this last stitch on the bind-off row with the corresponding stitch in the row below. Insert the right needle through the back of the stitch in the row below, slip it onto the left needle with the last stitch, and knit the two together.

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    How to neatly bind off last stitch?
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    How to bind off last stitch purlwise?
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