Care Instructions and Symbols

You should become familiar with the symbols that are used to indicate care instructions for particular yarns. You need to know this information when it comes time to clean your hand-knit items.

Symbols using the image of a washing machine or tub indicate whether a fiber is machine- or hand-washable. The symbol of the tub with an X over it means that the fiber is neither machine- nor hand-washable. The triangular symbols indicate bleaching instructions.

Symbols using the image of an iron indicate whether a fiber can be pressed. The symbol of the iron with dots in it illustrates what temperature should be used when pressing.

Circular symbols illustrate dry-cleaning instructions. If the circle has an X through it, the fiber should not be dry-cleaned. Circles with letters in them indicate which chemicals should be used to dry-clean the fiber. Your dry-cleaner should be able to tell you what solvents they use.

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