Knit CastOn

The knit cast-on produces an elegant elastic edge. You start with a slipknot on your left needle and then use the right needle to work the stitch as if you are going to knit it; however, instead of taking it off the needle, you place the new stitch back onto the left needle.

1 Have your needle ready with a slipknot on it. Holding this needle in your left hand and an empty needle in your right hand, insert the right needle into the stitch from front to back, as if to knit.

2 Wrap the working yarn around the tip of the right needle and pull up a loop, as when knitting a stitch.

3 Keeping the stitch on the needle, use the right needle to place the pulled-up loop on the left needle.

4 Pull the working yarn to tighten.

5 Repeat steps 1-4, placing each new stitch above the previously cast-on stitch until you have the desired number of stitches on the left needle.

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