Knit Using Circular Needles

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When you knit on circular needles, you knit in rounds, not rows. Every round is a right side row, so if you're working in stockinette stitch, you do not have to purl.

Take care not to let the stitches get twisted before joining your round. If they are twisted and you knit a few rounds, the entire piece of knitting will be twisted. The only way to correct this is to unravel all the way back to the cast-on row.

In your right hand, hold the end of the needle to which working yarn is attached. Place a marker after the last stitch that was cast on to mark the end of the round.

Use the needle in your right hand to knit the first cast-on stitch from the needle in your left hand, giving the yarn a firm tug (on this first stitch only) so that the join is snug.

Knitting the first stitch joins the round. Knit until you reach the marker. To begin the second round, slip the marker from the left needle to the right needle, and knit the first stitch as in step 2.

Fixing a Stiff Circular Needle Cord

If the cord on your circular needle is curly and hard to manage, try immersing it in hot water for a minute or two, and then straighten it. Heating it—not melting it—for 15-20 seconds with a blow dryer also works.

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