Pick Up a Dropped Stitch One Row Below

A dropped stitch is a stitch that has slipped off your needles. If you find that you have dropped a stitch on the row before the row that you're currently working, you can fix it with your knitting needle using this method.

1 Work across until you get to the dropped stitch.

2 Insert the right needle into the dropped stitch and under the horizontal strand (the "ladder") behind the dropped stitch.

3 Insert the left needle from back to front into the dropped stitch on the right needle, and pull it over the ladder and off the right needle.

4 Use the right needle to transfer the repaired stitch back to the left needle.

The repaired stitch is ready to be worked as usual.

Picking Up a Dropped Stitch One Row Below on the Purl Side

If you drop a stitch and need to correct it when you're on a purl row, you can turn your work around and correct it as shown above. You can also work from the purl side; remember that front and back are reversed. As a result, you must insert the right needle into the dropped stitch as if to purl, and at step 4, you must insert the left needle into the back of the repaired stitch to transfer it back to the left needle.

A dropped stitch that has unraveled several or more rows is called a run. To repair a run, you can use a crochet hook that is the appropriate size for your yarn. If you're working on the purl side when you discover the run, you just turn your work to the knit side to correct it.

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    How to pick up a dropped stitch one row below?
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