Reading A Stitch Pattern Chart

When a chart is used to represent a textured stitch pattern, each square is either empty or contains a symbol. Symbols vary from pattern to pattern. For simple knit-and-purl patterns, an empty square means, "knit on the right-side rows and purl on the wrong-side rows." A square that contains a dot means, "purl on the right-side rows and knit on the wrong-side rows." More complex stitch patterns, such as cable patterns, contain many symbols representing different techniques.

Turn It Upside-Down for Socks and Top-Down Items

Socks, mittens, gloves, and some hats and sweaters are worked from the top down. If you work color patterns directly from a stitch pattern chart that is meant for an item that is knit from the bottom up, the pattern or motif will be upside-down. To work one of these motifs or patterns properly, turn the chart upside-down.

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