Simple CastOn

This quick-and-easy cast-on is handy for casting on stitches mid-row for buttonholes and pockets. However, as a foundation row, it does not produce the neatest edge; you should use one of the other methods as a foundation row for fine knits.

1 Have your needle ready with a slipknot on it. Holding the needle in your right hand and the working yarn in your left, make a loop with the working yarn.

2 Place the loop on the needle with your left hand and then pull the working yarn to tighten.

3 Repeat steps 1-2 until you have the desired number of stitches on the needle.

A Neater First Row

It's hard to knit a neat first row with the simple cast-on. Because the cast-on loops aren't knotted onto the needle, you get an increasingly long strand of yarn between the stitches as you knit the row. You can alleviate this somewhat by pulling the stitches up and enlarging them slightly as you knit across. Simply insert the right needle into the cast-on loop, pull the right needle up a bit to make the stitch larger, and then knit it as usual. Continue this across the row, without pulling the needles apart between stitches, and you'll have a fairly neat first row.

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