Slipstitch Selvage

This selvage forms a neat and attractive chain along the side. You can use it decoratively, but it also works well for seaming or as a pick-up row for other edgings.

1 Row 1 (right side): Slip 1 knitwise (this is a selvage stitch), work across the row to the last stitch, slip 1 knitwise (this is also a selvage stitch).

2 Row 2 (wrong side): Purl 1 (selvage), work across the row to the last stitch, purl 1.

3 Repeat rows 1-2 to work selvages on each edge.

Bobble Stitch Knitting

Bobbles add a playful three-dimensional accent to your knitting. You can use bobbles for effect in many ways: as a single row along a border, repeated in an allover pattern, or placed inside cables.

Many bobble-making methods involve knitting several times into one stitch, turning the work and working the new stitches, and then turning it back again. The method shown here is easy and doesn't require turning. The abbreviation for make a bobble is mb.

O Work to the point where you want the bobble. Knit into the front, back, front, back, and front (that's five times) of the next stitch.

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