Substitute Yarn by Yardage, Not by Weight

Using the term weight when describing yarn can be confusing, as it can refer to how much a particular ball of yarn weighs, regardless of the yarn's thickness. When substituting yarns according to a pattern's specifications, be sure to buy the same yarn weight—in this case, thickness—by the same yardage, not by how much the ball weighs. For example, if the pattern specifies 10 balls of yarn that is 100 yards per 50-gram ball, then you would buy 1,000 yards of the substitute yarn, assuming that it knits to the same gauge—not 500 grams of substitute yarn. The yardage of a 50-gram ball can vary greatly between yarns of similar gauge. It all depends on fiber content and how densely the yarn is spun.

Weight 100g/220 yards

fiNe wooL yaRNS

Atfftb- Thick

90% Merino Wool 5% Alpaca 5% Cashmere

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