Work Seamless Stripes in the Round

Because circular knitting is actually knitting a spiral, lining up stripes at the beginning or end of each new round can be tricky. You end up with a little stair step where the old round ends and the new round begins.

Some knitters accept the stair step as a matter of course, which is fine. However, if you find this little imperfection undesirable, you can try the following to diminish the stair step.

1 After you finish the first color stripe, change to the new color at the beginning of the round and knit 1 round.

2 Before knitting the first stitch of the next round (the second round of the new color), lift the stitch below the first stitch (in the old color) and put it onto the left needle ahead of the first stitch of the next round.

3 Knit the 2 stitches together and complete the round as usual.

4 Repeat steps 1-3.

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    How to knit seamless stripe?
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    How to work seamless stripes in the round?
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